Sharing your expertise through blogs and informative website pages is the best way to strengthen your online presence and help you become known as THE expert in your field.

If you want to obtain qualified leads that turn into long-term relationships with customers and clients you love, then organic traffic wins hands down compared to paid traffic.

What is “organic traffic?”

Think of “organic traffic” as the “accidental” traffic you get when people happen upon your website or blog as a result of searching for specific keywords or keyword phrases. These listings appear for free on search engines such as Google, but you have to do things right in order to merit ranking on the first page or two.

Anyone can find your online content if they know your business’s name or website address, but the objective of organic traffic is helping people find you have never heard of you.

Paid traffic is just that: you pay to have your website or blog appear high on search results. Depending on the target keywords, that can be an expensive proposition that many small business owners and holistic practitioners are unwilling to pursue.

The good news is that free, organic traffic can provide better long-term benefits than paid traffic.

Organic traffic requires patience

It takes a bit longer to see ranking results with organic traffic than paid traffic, but it is well worth the wait. The best way to build your online presence and connect with your ideal clients is through content marketing.

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of high-quality, online material such as videos, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media posts, etc. In order to build a community of followers, you need to regularly share something with them, and that’s where content marketing fits in.

More than simply writing a blog, effective content marketing involves strategically incorporating keywords and using an effective format to get noticed by search engines. Your ideal client will have a better chance of finding you if the content you create matches what they are searching for.

Quality content turns visitors into loyal fans

The content you share does not have to specifically promote or sell a product. However, it should stimulate your visitor’s interest in doing business with you by providing useful information.

This non-pushy method of communication helps you build the “know, like, and trust factor” that is key to reaching your ideal customers and turning them into loyal fans.

Creating high-quality content is a foundational step toward building your brand and your business. Although content shared online is available to billions of internet users around the world, your business can benefit from this strategy regardless of whether your audience is local or global.

Attracting a local client base

Service-based businesses and healthcare practitioners such as dentists, chiropractors and doctors certainly benefit from content marketing efforts. Local businesses need content marketing as much as, if not more than, large brands.

Building rapport with your current and potential customers is an ongoing process that is critical to your success. Your community may be an email list, followers on social media, or the audience of your blog, podcast or video.

Marketing your business is all about helping your ideal clients find you and know that you are the person who can help them. They may not need you today, but you want to be top of mind when they do.

Can your customers find you online?

It seems everyone is on their phone these days, using the internet to find what they are looking for with a quick Google search. What do they see when they search your name or the name of your business, or just words that are associated with what you do?

What are the most common keywords that clearly describe what you do so they know you are the person they need?

It’s all about connection. The main goals of content marketing are to provide value, build relationships, and differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s hard to build that kind of connection with just a paid ad someone may see once.

Yes, we can help you create content

Creating quality content takes time, a commodity which is in short supply if you are like most small business owners. So yes, if you’re wondering, that’s what we do. We help our clients put their best foot forward online when it comes to creating and sharing high-quality content.

Contact us to discuss how this can help your business attract and retain the clients you love to serve. You can use this schedule link to choose a time that is convenient for you. 

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