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Healthy Chef Tools BBQ Grill Mats

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The Cat’s Meow
What a Nice Surprise!

Healthy Chef Tools Non-Stick Baking Mats (Tan or Black)

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Perfect to use with 5-minute no-knead breads!

“These thin, flexible mats easily take the place of parchment paper for both the rising and baking stages of these soft doughs, with no pre-dusting of flour or cornmeal necessary. I baked a one-pound artisan loaf on a sheet that was cut to fit into my 4-qt. preheated cast iron Dutch oven. The loaf came out beautifully browned and crisp, easily released onto the cooling rack, and left no residue in the pan. I simply wiped off the mat, and it was ready to reuse. I must admit to a little trepidation about the mats’ origin (China), but in answer to a question expressing concern, the manufacturer set my mind at rest: “These mats are 100% food grade silicone, completely food safe and non-toxic. They have FDA, PFOA-free and LGBF certificates.” My bread was baked in a 450-degree oven, and the mat came out looking like new. I’ll never have to buy and throw away parchment paper again!”

One of my best purchases from Amazon!

“These baking mats have turned out to be one of my best purchases on Amazon. They work very well and as other reviewers have stated they don’t look great after several uses but they continue to perform as new (forget about how they look). I am very happy with them and plan to purchase another set. When you first use them you do need to pay attention to the bake time and check often, as you will have to adjust the time. So far it seems to reduce baking time by 2-3 minutes. Ive used them at least 10 times since purchase and have not burnt any cookies or apple tarts ever using professional quality baking sheets (not the cheap paper thin baking sheets you buy at the grocery store).”

Restful Sleep System

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Perfect for Air Travel
“I received this system as a gift shortly before I went on a trip that required long flights. It was perfect for trying to get some sleep on the plane. When I was settled in for my long flight, I put the system to the test. I had previously downloaded the CD to my phone, so all I had to do was pop in my ear buds, inflate the neck pillow(which blows up very easily), put the mask on and hit play. The recording is very soothing and calming and the material on the neck pillow is soft and it was easy to adjust it to a comfortable position. I have neck pain issues and found the pillow helped my neck pain on a long flight. The masked block light well and was comfortable on my face. Before long I was out and got some good rest, even with a 2 year old sitting next to me. This system helped me tune everything out. It will be a regular part of my carry on bag when I travel from now on.”

Very Helpful
“I have received this gift in exchange for an honest review of the product. I have always been a light sleeper. My wife is a nite owl and sometimes I wake very easily. Of everything, I love the earplugs and sleep mask. Been using them for a couple of weeks and I am sleeping better and deeper than ever. Have tried sleep masks in the past but this one is extremely comfortable and helps me fall asleep fast. Definitely recommend!!”?


Ultimate Health and Wellness CDs

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My husband and I have been listening to a different one each night (last 3 nights) and both agree that they are great!
“I ordered two sets (my husband wanted to get a set for our daughter for Christmas). My husband and I have been listening to a different one each night (the last 3 nights) and we both agree that they are great! I think we have gotten the best 3 nights of sleep that we can remember! We are very pleased with them and very excited to give our daughter her set next week! Thank you! You are awesome!”

Very happy!
“I have recently realized how stressed my life is at the moment. I have a lot going on, all positive and exciting, but a bit overwhelming at times. I am excited to learn more about meditation. I believe this is a healthy way to control such anxiety and stress. Thank you so much for making such a great set of CDs for someone like me that literally had no idea what I was getting into!”

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