Expert Marketing Services for Small Businesses

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re so busy working “in” your business that you have no time to work “on” your business. You know you should be taking advantage of online marketing opportunities, but you don’t know where to start and certainly don’t have time.

That’s where the Virtual Marketing Team comes in. Our team of experts can provide everything you need to build a strong online presence and attract ideal customers without taking up valuable staff time or hiring additional personnel.

Building a strong online presence makes it easier for potential customers to find you and enhances your credibility with existing customers. The goal is to help grow your bottom line and have time to enjoy the important things in life.

We know every business is unique, therefore we work collaboratively with you to develop the best marketing package for your needs. Here are just some of our services:






Business Consulting 

  • Create a successful marketing strategy to meet your goals quickly
  • Save time and money while increasing profit
  • Effectively use appropriate resources
  • Optimize your online presence
  • Save time and money by discovering the most effective strategies




Professional Blog Writing

  • Enhance your online visibility with keyword-rich blogs and a call to action
  • Re-purpose blog content into social media posts
  • Re-purpose blog content into video for social sharing and/or your YouTube Channel








Website Design and Revision 

  • Professional, custom WordPress site
  • Create new or refreshed text
  • Training so you can make your own update
  • Ongoing support as needed




Video Production

  • Re-purpose blog content into a video format to populate your YouTube channel
  • Additional video creation to populate your YouTube channel and promote your business
  • CLICK HERE to see sample videos




Social Media Marketing

  • Create or revise an engaging Facebook Business page
  • Create or revise an optimal LinkedIn Profile
  • Create an effective YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Ads (done-with-you)
  • Efficiency Strategies to save time