You may be wondering if you should stop marketing during this time of uncertainty. In fact, now may be the most important time to stay in touch and to be there for people.

It’s important to be empathetic and acknowledge what is going on in the world, but your customers and potential customers need to hear from you now more than ever.

When this is over – and it will happen – we will be in a new normal. Life will not be the same as before this event. Will you be ready when the floodgates open with potential customers? How will you adjust to the new normal?

Success begins with your inner game

When you focus on what you want in life, do you plan every detail? Do you think about the next client you will attract? The next sum of money coming in?

Focus on how you will feel with the sense of accomplishment, success and peace that comes when you know there is more than enough in your bank account each month and you are the best you can be.

It can be easy to slip into self-doubt and worry about not having the very things that you want. It may seem like you are focusing on what you want, but often what you actually hear is that inner critic that sits on your shoulder and says, “That’s not going to happen.” Or maybe you hear that little voice saying, “You don’t deserve it.”

Which vibe is playing in your background?

Success with entrepreneurship, as well as life in general, is all about the inner game. Notice what your inner game is like. Does it leave you feeling good, or do you feel doubtful and unsure?

How you feel is the best indicator of the energy around what you are trying to manifest. There are lots of manifestation tools and strategies you can use, such as imagery, affirmations, and prayer to name just a few. It is your emotions that have the most power in manifesting anything.

Focus on the feeling first, then take action

The more you focus on how you will feel when you accomplish your goal is more important than worrying about the precise steps you may need to take. Whatever your goal is, it’s beneficial to just feel it first. Focus on the feeling, and the details will take care of themselves.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to take action – that is a big part of the equation – but when daydreaming about your future, notice your emotional state and allow your good energy to help you accomplish your goal. You may need to consciously take note if self-doubt creeps in and work to redirect your inner thoughts and feelings in a positive direction.

Take this time to learn, reflect, pivot or innovate. Be visible and let people know you are there for them.

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