Now is not the time to be silent regarding your business. There is so much fear and uncertainty during this COVID-19 era, and people need to hear from you. It’s more important than ever to stay in touch with your customers and your market.

Communicating regularly with your community is part of relationship building 101. People buy and work with those they know, like and trust. Building rapport, strengthening relationships, and ongoing communication are the cornerstones to that trust.

Let’s talk about the communication piece today. Providing your community with valuable information, demonstrating your expertise, letting them know what’s up with you, and asking how they are doing are essential pieces of ongoing communication that keeps you top of mind with your followers, clients and customers.

Consistency is the key

If you plan to do a newsletter and email it to your list, or produce a video or audio with this content, make sure you set a schedule that you can handle. Decide on a frequency and then stick to it. The point is to engage with your community on a regular basis.

Make sure a newsletter (or whatever you call your ongoing communication) is easy for you to fit into your work and life. It needs to be consistent so your followers will come to expect it.

Always give value and engage your audience so they actually consume the information! Don’t make it all about how great you are. It’s certainly helpful to share some of who you are so your readers feel like they know you a little better and would stop to talk with you if they met you on the street. Providing the information they want will help to ensure they will consume and benefit from it.

Repurpose your content

Think about how you can repurpose content you already have, such as converting a PowerPoint presentation into several newsletters of blog posts, or expanding on your newsletters to create a book.

A podcast might be an easier vehicle for you to use if you would rather talk than write. Audio also can be repurposed into written or video formats as well.

Delivering information in different formats allows people to consume it however they wish. You can have your podcast transcribed into a written blog, and written blogs likewise can be made into audio format. Remember that people have different preferences when it comes to perceiving information. Having more than one format is a good idea. That way your message will reach more people.

You can take content from blogs, podcasts or your newsletter to create an email funnel or short course out of it depending on the content. You can repurpose virtually anything!

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