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Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

“Bonnie is an absolute Gem to work with! She responds timely, asks all the right questions to make sure she understands the project, and really knows her stuff! We will continue to work with her on future Amazon listings and other projects where we need her expertise. I highly recommend M & B Global solutions. Once you work with them you will really appreciate how much value they add!”

Suzanna A

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Amazon Assets Intake Form 

Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

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Graphic Design and Video Production for Amazon Sellers

If you are a serious Amazon seller, you are most likely in brand registry. Building your brand awareness is important. Brand registry opens up so many marketing opportunities to set you apart from the competition and win the sale.

Our goal is to deliver high quality at an affordable price point for you.  We are Amazon FBA sellers, ourselves. We produce high quality assets for those who want more quality and expertise than the discount services can offer, but are not ready to hand over thousands of dollars for higher-priced agency work. Our expertise and suggestions are a part of our collaborative model, helping to create the highest quality Amazon Assets for your business.

We are keenly aware that in today’s environment, it is essential that your visual assets are mobile-optimized in order to earn the sale. Currently, almost 80% of all online shopping takes place on a mobile device, and that number is going to continue to grow!

You probably use paid ads such as Amazon PPC to drive traffic to your listing, but what does your potential customer see when they get there?

You can increase conversion and boost your sales with quality images, A+ and the use of engaging video.

The purpose of video PPC is to stop the scroll and win the click. Optimal length for a PPC video is 15 seconds.  Once you have won the click, your title, images, bullets, reviews and enhanced brand content will do the work to convert the sale.

The Amazon assets we create are based on proven formulas and tested by Amazon sellers just like you.

Amazon assets are created to meet Amazon’s terms of service, but all categories are different. If there is an issue with the Amazon asset we create for you, we will make it right at no additional charge.

How it Works

Contact us or complete the Amazon Assets intake form, and we will connect via Zoom to discuss your project. We will agree upon payment terms at that time.

Competitor analysis and keyword research is included with all services to provide the best Amazon Assets. We provide consulting as part of our service when appropriate to ensure the best Amazon Assets for your products. 

Send us a sample of your product and complete the intake form. Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

You will also be able to upload a high-resolution image of your logo, any additional images, information or files.

If you prefer not to send a sample of your product, please contact us and include your listing URL, so we can discuss other options. We also have access to royalty free stock photos if necessary. If you already have high-quality, high res, rendered images of your product, we may be able to use these images.

We will agree upon a price and send an invoice that can be paid in PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Zelle or bank transfer. Note: PayPal and Credit Card payments incur an additional 3% fee.

Once payment is received, we will begin your project. This is a collaborative process, which may include consulting.  We will be in communication throughout the project.

If your listing is not yet live, please include text you would like used for the Amazon assets. We may contact you to ask additional questions as needed. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

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“Working with Bonnie on our websites, videos, and digital assets for Amazon has been a joy! She is so fast, asks great questions, understands consumer products, and seems to know exactly what we are looking for. Bonnie is easy to work with and delivers great results; highly recommend!” – Pat T.

Amazon Assets Intake Form 

Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

listing images

Listing Images

Your main image is the first thing a potential customer sees. Our team creates professional, eye-catching, mobile ready images, that meet the Amazon Terms of Service requirements. * Your listing will stand out among the rest, earning you the click.

Images that convert

  • 9 images
  • High-quality main image of your product on white background
  • Secondary images (may include lifestyle, infographic, comparison, etc.)
  • Optimized for mobile device viewing

Starting at $497 9 high-quality professional product images

Additional images for packaging, etc. are $55 each.

video production

Video Production

We create engaging videos that you can use on your listing, your brand store, YouTube channel, and in video PPC. The most engaging videos for Amazon products are 15-45 seconds, with the sweet spot being 30 seconds.

  • Engaging imagery with scroll-stopping first scene
  • Highlight 1-3 benefits of your product
  • Stock lifestyle footage
  • Mobile-friendly text on screen plus music
  • Includes sized thumbnail image
  • Additional services including narration and models are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Starting at $397 – professional 15-45 second video

Amazon A+ content

A+ Content 

Our team creates professional content that highlights your brand and sets you apart from your competitors, so you win the sale. This is also referred to as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC.

    • Hero Images that will grab attention
    • Standard 3 or 4 panels with images and text highlighting benefits/features
    • Infographic expanding on your product’s benefits and features, or highlighting your brand story
    • Carousel (comparison chart) featuring your other products

Starting at $497 – 5 modules of A+ Content 

Uploading your content will require access to your Seller Central Account and incur an additional charge.

Amazon Assets Intake Form 

Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

Amazon Product Insert

Product Insert

* Copywriting and graphic design for your product’s package insert.

* Professional editing of your submitted text if appropriate.

* Delivered as a PDF for printing.

* Collaboration with you to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

Starting at $397 

amazon listing text

Amazon Listing Text

* Optimized product title utilizing highly ranked keywords.

* 5 engaging bullet points and product description utilizing ranked keywords.

* Written to attract buyer attention and support Amazon’s algorithm functionality.

Starting at $497 


website Amazon brand store

Website Design and/or

Amazon Brand Store Design

Mobile friendly, professional WordPress websites and Amazon brand storefronts to feature your products.

Starting at $497 each

Because needs can vary significantly, please contact us for a specific quote.

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    Amazon Assets Intake Form 

    Completing this form will help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story. 

    CLICK HERE to check out our portfolio of samples


    Every project is unique. Differentiation is key in the Amazon e-commerce world. We strive to provide the highest quality assets and most individualized attention to all of our clients.

    Please contact us to discuss your project.

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