If you are a serious Amazon seller, you are most likely in brand registry. Building your brand awareness is important. Brand registry opens up so many marketing opportunities to set you apart from the competition and win the sale.

More than half of all online shopping takes place on a mobile device, making it essential that your visual assets are mobile-optimized to earn the sale!

amazon shopping on mobile phone

You probably use paid ads such as Amazon PPC to drive traffic to your listing, but what does your potential customer see when they get there?

You can increase conversion and boost your sales with quality images, A+ and the use of engaging video.

The purpose of video PPC is to stop the scroll and win the click. Then your title, images, enhanced brand content and listing can do the work to convert the sale.

The Amazon assets we create are based on proven formulas and tested by Amazon sellers just like you.

Amazon assets are created to meet Amazon’s terms of service, but all categories are different. If there is an issue with the Amazon asset we create for you, we will make it right at no additional charge.

Our Services 

How it Works

Send us a sample of your product and complete the order form. The order form addresses a few additional questions, such as your ideal customer and what benefits and features you would like highlighted in your Amazon Assets. You will also be able to upload a high-resolution image of your logo. If you do not yet have a listing URL, you can add text for the listing in the order form as well.

If you prefer not to send a sample of your product, please contact us and include your listing URL, so we can discuss other options.

There are questions on the order form to help us better understand your product, ideal customer and brand story.  

You will be able to use PayPal or credit/debit card in the order form as well.

We will use content from your listing and research your Amazon competitors to create your Amazon assets. If your listing is not yet live, please include text you would like used for the Amazon assets. We may contact you to ask additional questions as needed. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or to discuss your project.

CLICK HERE to check out our portfolio of samples

“Working with Bonnie on our websites, videos, and digital assets for Amazon has been a joy! She is so fast, asks great questions, understands consumer products, and seems to know exactly what we are looking for. Bonnie is easy to work with and delivers great results; highly recommend!” – Pat T.

Amazon A+ content

A+ Content 

Our team creates professional content that highlights your brand and sets you apart from your competitors, so you win the sale. This is also referred to as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC.

$397 – 5 modules of A+ Content

    1. Sized logo
    2. Standard image with header (lifestyle hero image)
    3. Standard 3 or 4 panels with image and text (highlighting benefits and features)
    4. Standard 3 or 4 panels with icon and text (highlighting benefits and features)
    5. Choose from a standard image infographic or a comparison chart (carousel) for the last module

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video production

Video Creation

We create engaging videos that you can use on your listing, your brand store, YouTube channel, and in video PPC. The most engaging videos for Amazon products are 15-45 seconds, with the sweet spot being 30 seconds.

  • Engaging imagery with scroll-stopping first scene
  • Highlight 1-3 benefits of your product
  • Lifestyle footage
  • Mobile-friendly text on screen and background music
  • Background voice-over is available
  • Hand model available
  • Includes thumbnail image
  • Assistance to post on other platforms such as YouTube, your website, etc.

$227 – professional 20-45 second video using listing images, text, and our library of stock images/video clips.

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Product images

Listing Images

Your main image is the first thing a potential customer sees. Our team creates professional, eye-catching, mobile ready images, that meet the Amazon Terms of Service requirements. * Your listing will stand out among the rest, earning you the click.

Images that convert

  • Main image of your product on white background (high-quality, rendered image)
  • Lifestyle images
  • Infographic
  • Comparison table

$397 – 7 high quality professional product images (rendered 3D main image, lifestyle and infographic) Unlimited revisions. 

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video production

Website Design

We design a mobile friendly, professional WordPress website to feature your products. All products are linked to your Amazon listings. Auto-updating plugins for minimal maintenance, includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a Google compliant privacy policy.


$397 – 4-page website. Images, videos and text are taken from your Amazon listing

  1. Home or Products page (up to 3 products, linked to your Amazon listings)
  2. About page
  3. Contact Us page
  4. Privacy Policy

*Basic SEO is included.
*Domain and hosting fees are your responsibility.
*Tutorials and assistance to manage your site is included if needed.

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CLICK HERE to check out our portfolio of samples


Every project is unique. Differentiation is key in the Amazon e-commerce world. We strive to provide the highest quality assets and most individualized attention to all of our clients.

Please contact us to discuss your project.

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